Erich Heil

Erich Heil



Building data products. Therefore always learning to get better in designing software architectures, the process of software development and in the fields of data engineering and data science.

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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data visualization
  • Deep Learning
  • Domain driven desgin
  • Big data
  • IoT
  • Streaming
  • Diplomingenieur in Information and Knowledge Management, 2011

    Vienna University of Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Media Informatics, 2009

    Vienna University of Technology


Lead Developer
Jan 2022 – Present Austria
  • Architecture and test-driven development of a platform for the evaluation and visualization of medical sensor data to support patients and therapists in everyday therapy.
  • Design and implementation of ETL processes, data models, databases, as well as the conception and implementation of anonymization and accessibility concepts.
  • Organization and execution of code reviews.
  • TypeScript, Python, Docker, Azure, Angular, Azure Databricks, Azure App Service, Azure Data Factory
Data Engineer
Aug 2021 – Nov 2021 Austria
  • Development of an Enterprise Search based on ElasticSearch.
  • Conversion of deployment pipelines to Docker.
  • Setup and monitoring of various cluster environments based on Openshift.
  • TypeScript, ElasticSearch, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Openshift
Data Scientist and Senior Developer
Feb 2018 – Jul 2021 Austria
  • Architecture and test-driven development of a platform for the manual and automated creation of data visualizations. Visualizations can be embedded into websites. The platform processes more than 100 million requests for more than a million people per day. Furthermore, thousands of data sets are programmatically extracted from free statistics portals, transformed and loaded into the platform. From this, visualizations are automatically updated or newly created.
  • Design and implementation of ETL processes, data models, databases and data governance structures and data validation systems.
  • Development of a tagging system with integrated speech recognition, named entity recognition, topic classification and geographic classification.
  • Development of a semantic search.
  • Organization and execution of code reviews.
  • Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, ElasticSearch, Tensorflow, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, AWS, MongoDB, Angular, scikit-learn, Transformers, git, Jira
Software Developer
Jan 2017 – Feb 2018 Switzerland
  • Architecture and development of a CRM solution with included cash register software.
  • Design and development of an Android app for carrying out inventories.
  • C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL, MVVM, MySql, MongoDB, Angular, git, Jira
CTO and Founder
Thrive GmbH
Jan 2016 – Dec 2017 Austria
  • Architecture and development of a web-based data science platform.
  • Tutorial Video:
  • Jupyter Notebooks, JavaScript, Python, MongoDB, Meteor, AWS, Docker, git, Jira, CI/CD, Monitoring
Senior Expert and Head of Data Center
Dec 2013 – Dec 2015 Austria
  • Establishment and management of a data center for data preparation, data documentation and data provision Infrastructure development and dissemination activities.
  • Design and implementation of data-based scientific commissioned studies for ministries and other stakeholders in the public sector.
  • Statistical modeling and exploratory data analysis - regression models and clustering methods.
  • Python, SQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Hadoop, Hive, scikit-learn


just a few pet projects I’ve worked on in my spare time.

Webapplication that allows users to train an ai to find relevant content from continually scraped sources such as reddit.
Development Environment
Planning a new personal development environment
Development Environment
A bot for quizzes generated on wikidata
Reboting Open Data
chatbot that makes austria’s geographical opendata queryable via visualizations for human beings.
Reboting Open Data


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